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The first people who lived in the Wilmington real estate market were Lenni-Lenape Indians who began to live near what is now the Quaker Hill neighborhood during the 14th century. They are well-known by anthropologists for producing beautiful clothes and moccasins. The Lenni-Lenape Indians were introduced to European cultures during the early 1700s after several Swedish soldiers purchased land near what is now Seventh Street. The land was used to construct Fort Christina. It was ceded to the Dutch in 1655 after Dutch soldiers won several military victories along the Delaware Valley. It was later taken over by the English in 1664 after Col. Richard Nicolls captured the area during Second Northern War.

Wilmington's modern history was established in 1730 when Thomas Willing was granted a tract of land by the English crown that included what is now the Wilmington real estate market. English settlers soon established several profitable industries on this land that were complemented by thriving farms. Some of these industries included valuable milling and tanning industries that were targets of British forces during the American Revolution. Wilmington's population grew steadily during the early 19th century after the federal government established several turnpikes and steamboat terminals near Wilmington's downtown area. Many merchants took advantage of these developments during the rest of the 19th century by converting many Wilmington properties into thriving stores and railroad car manufacturing centers. Wilmington's development during the 20th century was spurred by industries that manufactured explosives, plastics and synthetic fibers. Most of these industries were established by the DuPont Chemical Company. Wilmington homes for sale are now located in a beautiful city that features a revitalized downtown area, a strong public school system and friendly neighborhoods. These benefits make Wilmington homes a great value for anyone who relocates to the Wilmington area.

For more information about the history of real estate in Wilmington, please visit this website maintained by the Wilmington Mayor's Office.

Parks and Recreation

The Wilmington Parks and Recreation Department offers several recreational facilities that are open to all Wilmington home buyers. Some of these facilities include a community center, five swimming pools, 10 athletic fields and 25 parks.
Moreover, the Wilmington Parks and Recreation Department also offers more than 40 recreational activities that offer families who purchase Wilmington DE homes many things to do every day. Some of these activities include martial arts classes, first aid classes, swimming classes, computer classes and several recreational sports activities.


Wilmington is home to many of Delaware's most popular attractions. Some of the more fascinating attractions include the Delaware Art Museum, the Nemours Mansion and Gardens Complex and Fox Point State Park.


Wilmington is home to many fun events that take place near Wilmington real estate agents and realtors who can help you buy a wonderful home. Some of these events include the Mid Atlantic Wine + Food Festival, the Downtown Wilmington Farmers Market, the Steamin' Days at Aburn Heights Train Festival and the Wilmington Holiday Art Market Festival. Wilmington home buyers can find information about other Wilmington-area events and attractions by visiting this website maintained by the Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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